Hello! I'm ChiaYu, a happy hybrid who love design, research, and programming.

My passion lies in understanding human, making technologies, and constructing a delightful human-tech relationship.

I work as a UX/Product designer at Cubo Ai. Before this I was a research assistant in several HCI research projects.

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Selected Projects

PinchFun: Designing a child-parent cooperative game for fine motor skills training
User Research, Interaction Design, Prototyping
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Design for better music listening experience on mobile
User Research, UX Design, Prototyping
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I've also done these --

Podcast APP Redesign
User Research, UX Design
Stamp Plate: Study family mealtime technology enabling data literacy for preschool children
Prototyping, Qualitative Data Analysis
A haptic motion guidance sleeve for Tai Chi Learning
Experiment Design, Quantitative Analysis, Prototyping
Coy: A toy for soothing children's separation anxiety (Mandarin)
Interaction Design, Prototyping, Demo Video - Animation

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More about ChiaYu

👋 I'm ChiaYu (Mandarin: "佳妤"; it sounds like Jah-Yu).

With a dual education background in business and human-computer interaction (HCI), internship experience in UX consultancy as a UX researcher and in software industry as a web developer, I'm a happy hybrid who can do research, interaction design, code, and think in business. I enjoy working collaboratively with interdisciplinary teams and bridging human-centered design with business strategy and technologies.

I'm passionate about always learning from people, unveiling their stories and need. I enjoy that our team quickly turn the design ideas into protypes, test with real people with the assumptions in mind, to build the technology delightful and more accessible to people.

Based and grew up in Báng-kah, Taiwan, I always fancy observing and interacting with people from a different culture and of different ages. Since junior high, I self-learned to code and became much interested in programming, for it enables me to build ideas into visual programs and play with the data as I explored math. Later in college, I developed interests in creating technology arts and digital design and found my passion deeply lies in HCI; therefore, I joined Innovative User Interface Lab at National Chengchi University, where I dived into HCI research and crafted technologies from now to future. There's a human researcher in me at work and beyond work. I'm keenly passionate in observing human-human & human-artifact interaction and understanding the flux in between.

Things I love

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